RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Guide

2020 EDIT: I already said something similar below, but I want to clarify this further. This guide is still only up for historical purposes. Please write a better one and use this as reference if need be. I am no longer participating in RWBY:GE speedrunning, so do not ask me anything about speedruns. Nonetheless, I appreciate your interest. Thank you!

Version 0.99: [Link]

Refers to itself as Version 1.00, but was never actually finished. The original idea of this document was to give new speedrunners as well as veterans of the game looking to up their skills a resource to refer to, but due to life circumstances I never got around to adding as much as I wanted to. As time went on, other guides cropped up elsewhere. I am leaving this here for the sake of history, and in the odd event someone finds it useful. I may return to update this further, but don’t count on it. Consider this released as is.

Currently covers:

  • Basic and advanced combat techniques
  • Character & enemy traits
  • Efficient attack patterns for Team RWBY
  • Links to other resources