A Dark Souls Journal #2: Ash Lake

Tonight’s journey will be short, but nonetheless, there shall be progress. With any luck, I’ll even finally make it out of Blighttown. However, I have found myself in a place I didn’t expect would exist, and though I felt confident in the amount of moss I brought with me, I feel that I may be running slow on supplies. My arrows are limited, and my firebombs are gone. I had better get a move on, before I…

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A Dark Souls Journal #1: Blighttown

I suppose it’s time I start using this site again. I truly apologise to all three or less people who cared about the FFVIII vs RWBY articles I was writing, but those aren’t happening anymore – at least not in the format I originally intended. Maybe someday I’ll try writing about the topic again. But for now, Dark Souls. This one is mostly for you, Utsu, and the Prism chat.

So, if you were unaware, I started playing Dark Souls for the first time, and I felt that it would be an awkward game for me to record or stream comfortably because of how I like to keep blind runs a personal thing. Depending on the game, I like to spend time just fooling around more than I should to get my head around how it’s designed. I don’t think that would be very fun to watch at times without me constantly referring to a guide.

And yet, I don’t want to keep my friends out of the loop. The more I kept playing, the more I realised there was still a fun way to essentially ‘live blog’ the game, so I started spontaneously writing entries into a Notepad file as I went along. Ideally, I would have been doing this from the start, but better late than never, and now everyone can see my thoughts… for better or worse. From here on is a copy paste of today’s update.

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Retracing Steps: Monty Oum, RWBY, & Final Fantasy VIII – Part 1: Do you believe in destiny?

FFVIII’s title screen. The red symbolises strength.

Much like FFVII before it, the game’s title screen depicts an object, the significance of which only becomes clear past the midpoint of the story’s progression. I’ve always been drawn to this title screen, particularly with how the red was utilised – it’s one of my favourite colours and I feel it was used well here. A part of me does enjoy how much more silent VII’s title screen felt, though. Neither feature sound, but the lonely shot of the Buster Sword puts me in a contemplative mood.

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Retracing Steps: Monty Oum, RWBY, & Final Fantasy VIII – Prelude

This is a project I’ve had in mind for a while. February isn’t a fun month, really. It’s likely some of you have started another school year, and if it’s summer time where you live, you’re probably cursing the weather every minute like I am. Getting to the point, though, February 1st is the same day Monty, a man many of us respect, passed away.

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My thoughts on SEGA Forever

SEGA’s endeavour to make their classic titles accessible on mobile sounds great on paper. A free library of games playable on-the-go and lacking overly intrusive ads – what’s not to love? For some people I know it’s perfect, allowing them to get a small taste of the past without dropping a couple bucks on it. Unofficial means playing these games without paying do exist, of course, but it’s undeniably convenient that people are able to download them straight from an app store, compared to the process of finding an emulator, locating games, and configuring them to work properly. For what reason would you go through that when a far simpler process exists? The answer, unfortunately, might be quality.

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Metal Gear Survive

I have mixed feelings about this announcement, and not so great feelings about how people are responding to it. I don’t detest the game, but I’m not head over heels for it either. I am interested in the concept, but not invested in what’s been shown to me. I think this is largely because I find the trailer to be bland. I have a lot of things I want to say about this, so here we go. I wasn’t expecting this to be my first post on here, but things don’t always go as planned.

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