A Dark Souls Journal #4: Caution

The Demon Ruins has the extremely strong aura of a game development nightmare. In order to prepare for whatever troubles I may end up facing, I turn in the opposite direction – not out of cowardice, but caution. I need to prepare in case the game throws a curveball…


This view gave such hope when I first saw it. Now it gives nothing but disappointment. The Demon Ruins fills me with no wanderlust whatsoever.


Found a giant wheel to climb onto to get back up onto the surface. Got some sorcerer wear. The dart enemies were particularly annoying, but my remaining moss and arrows helped me survive. I must move carefully, lest I fall down below. I am little sick of climbing up places repeatedly.

What a confronting view…


Picked up a Fire Keeper Soul. Also found the key to the New Londo Ruins. Fascinating. It’s all the way up here?

Oh, I see. This takes me back to Drake Valley. That explains the locked door I saw ages ago. Time to return to the Firelink Shrine. I’m sure Petrus has some stupid thing to say.

And I have a bad feeling about Lautrec. That way he just sits near the fire keeper. She’s definitely going to die. The writing almost hints at it. I’ve wanted to just kick him off the shrine because I get a bad feeling about his “keh heh heh” – but if I fight him later, I’ll probably get to loot him.

I want to stab Petrus too. Something tells me not to. Yet.

I’m very tempted, though.


Fell down the elevator shaft twice like a fool. Third time’s the charm.


Fell down the wheel. There goes another 10000 souls…


I… rolled off it again? I’m going to be carrying so much Dung Pie…


goddamnit lautrec

Crestfallen is talking about some stench, and that he should “do something”. Pyro fellow, whose name I never retain, wanted to know about where I got my latest pyromancy skill. I told him.

Will I regret this?



Wait. Is this the thing that was snoring here before?

What the hell?

My fate is to succeed Lord Gwyn? I have to go to Anor Londo? Well, I at least guessed those two things were on the table. Acquire a lord vessel? What the hell is a lord vessel, though?

Why can I feed this guy? What does it do? Why does he speak so semi-casual? Huh? You’re just going to tell me my fate and then just keep chilling out here staring at thin air? Does he find that fun? He looks happy. He must be. I’ll stop asking questions…


I went back to the bridge just outside the parish to kill the dragon, because I just realised I never actually did it when I first embarked on this quest. This makes up for all those souls I lost.

I found what worked was to wait for it to come down, do two or three slashes, then go back downstairs. This makes it go perch up on the parish again, and inevitably come back down to get hit some more. With this, the fire breath is barely a threat.


I ended up leveling my Falchion, and turning my Scimitar into a divine weapon. This may very likely have been a waste of resources, but my logic right now is that I’ll probably find a good reason to have both soon-ish.

I went to check out the gate.

Sen’s Fortress, huh. No, thank you. I’m not touching you yet.

The onion knight isn’t around here. I wanted to hear him hum to himself some more…

On my way back to the Firelink Shrine, I bought 100 heavy arrows. I didn’t think I would ever end up actually using a bow, but it’s been very handy.


where’d crest and pyrodude go

Wait. Did Crestfallen not say he should do something… I did say yes to pyro dude when he asked about my pyromancies too. Did I… make a mistake?

I have some fears. And Petrus is still a useless piece of garbage.


Got attacked by a pyromancer in Blighttown. That… wasn’t him, was it?

I don’t think it was. I’m disappointed there was no loot dropped. I didn’t even think he was hostile until he started chucking fire at me…


Made it back to Quelaag’s Domain. Put all my souls into getting 40 Dex, I guess I’ll start building Vitality and Endurance up from this point on…

After writing this entry, I’m going to clean house and wipe out the demons over at the boring lava plane down below. Hopefully once I’m done with them, they’ll never respawn again… I’ve barely spent any time with this place, and I’m already tired of it.

“Ah yes, you’re at budget cut central”, said Utsu…

Oh, have mercy…

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