A Dark Souls Journal #2: Ash Lake

Tonight’s journey will be short, but nonetheless, there shall be progress. With any luck, I’ll even finally make it out of Blighttown. However, I have found myself in a place I didn’t expect would exist, and though I felt confident in the amount of moss I brought with me, I feel that I may be running slow on supplies. My arrows are limited, and my firebombs are gone. I had better get a move on, before I…


Honestly thought this was a giant crab until I came closer. I was completely off the mark. Fears alleviated.


Fears unalleviated. Not as bad as anything I’ve seen in Blighttown, but still somewhat disgusting. Entirely tolerable, though!

I see that these things also hit pretty hard, but nowhere near as dangerous as the parent mushrooms. I’ll remain cautious as ever, but I think I can afford to worry a little less right now. I just need to avoid being cocky. My approach is to dodge their initial attack, do three two-handed slashes, a heavy attack to deal two more hits, then distance myself to regain stamina. It’s working quite well. Just need to move quickly.

I am finding there are a lot of dragon scales around this place. I suppose this is where that one dragon covenant will appear. It feels oddly relaxing down here for a place that housed a hydra mini-boss.


Found a route into this tree. I kind of want to continue exploring around, though. You know, it’s one of the many unspoken rules of RPGs. You never go in the correct direction first – unless you end up playing yourself by accidentally picking the main route.


I played myself.

Turns out up ahead is where the dragon covenant is. I’m not sure I want to bother with this at present. I don’t really care about multiplayer right now. On the other hand, joining and leaving covenants hardly seems like a pain. I guess I’ll give it a shot for now.

I offered up all my dragon scales. It did not appear to accomplish much.


Asshole tossed me into the air. I got my revenge.


The mushroom got me. I’ll have my revenge. I don’t fear them anymore. I am better than them. I will cut them and their children up.


It was not the mushroom this time. It was the basilisk. This won’t deter me, however. I already have a Purging Stone on me, and I know where to get more. I’ll let the curse stick around for a little longer. You’ve had your laugh, basilisk. I know where you live, and


The foe is vanquished.

*emotes 'Well, What Is it?'*

I discovered I in fact acquired a Dragon Head Stone. There appears to be a body somewhere in the tree, but I can’t seem to reach it. It’s either the world’s tightest jump, or there’s another route elsewhere. I feel that I may have to abandon my attempts to get there today. If there is a way to reach it right now, that’s too bad, I can just try again some other day.


Oh. This wasn’t a rock. It was a skull. Oh.


Climbing back out of this place is proving to be a hassle. Easy in theory, but irritating in practice.

Someday you go through the rain,
Someday you’ll feed on a tree frog,
It’s ordeal, the trial to survive
For the day, we see new light!



One fall and another climb later, I’ve made it back to the top… back to Blighttown.

One success at a time. I’ll conquer hell soon.

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